Employees State Insurance (ESI)

What is the ESI Scheme?

ESI is a complete Social Security Scheme(SSS) designed to provide social protection to the employees against sickness, disablement, and death due to employment injury and other events/issues. The fund is self-financing where employer and employee contributions on a monthly basis and the amount can be utilized towards compensating expenses on the health of the employee and his family members.

Contribution rate to the ESI fund

☑ An eligible employee should contribute to a total of 1.75% of their salary (basic+allowances).
☑ Registered Employers should deposit 4.75% of salary paid(basic+allowances) to ESI corpus every month.

Benefits of employees under the ESI Scheme

✔ An employee acquires full of medical care during the period of his incapability to relieve/cure his health.
✔ An employee acquires financial assistance to compensate for the loss in work due to sickness, maternity and employment injury, etc.
✔ Medical care benefits to family members.
✔ In case of the death of an insured employee due to employment injury, the spouse, widowed mother and children are entitled to Dependent’s benefit.